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# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2021, Saarland University
# Copyright (C) 2021, Maximilian Köhl <>

from __future__ import annotations

import dataclasses as d
import typing as t

import fractions
import pathlib
import re
import tempfile

from .. import jani, model
from ..analysis import checkers

    import docker
    import docker.types
except ImportError:
    raise ImportError(
        "Missing optional dependency `docker`.\n"
        "Using Storm in a Docker container requires installing `docker`."

DOCKER_IMAGE = "movesrwth/storm"

# XXX: is there a better way to do this?
_result_regex = re.compile(
    r"Model checking property \"(?P<prop_name>[^\"]+)\""
    r"Result \(for initial states\): (?P<prop_value>\d+(\.\d+)?)",

[docs]class Toolset: """Interface to Storm running in a Docker container.""" client: t.Any tag: str def __init__(self, client: t.Optional[t.Any] = None, tag: str = "travis") -> None: self.client = client or docker.from_env() self.tag = tag def pull(self) -> None: self.client.images.pull(DOCKER_IMAGE, tag=self.tag)
[docs] def run(self, arguments: t.Sequence[str], mounts: t.Sequence[t.Any] = ()) -> str: """Runs storm with the provided arguments and mounts.""" command = ["sh", "-c", "'", "./storm"] command.extend(arguments) command.extend((";", "exit 0", "'")) return f"{DOCKER_IMAGE}:{self.tag}", command=" ".join(command), working_dir="/opt/storm/build/bin/", auto_remove=True, mounts=list(mounts), ).decode("utf-8")
[docs]@d.dataclass(frozen=True, eq=False) class StormChecker(checkers.Checker): """Checker implementation for Storm running in Docker.""" toolset: Toolset """The toolset to use.""" engine: str = "dd" """The engine to use.""" @property def description(self) -> str: return f"Storm in Docker (engine = {self.engine})"
[docs] def check( self, network: model.Network, *, properties: t.Optional[checkers.Properties] = None, property_names: t.Optional[t.Iterable[str]] = None, ) -> checkers.Result: with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(prefix="momba") as directory_name: input_file = pathlib.Path(directory_name) / "input.jani" named_properties: t.Dict[str, model.Expression] = {} if properties is None and property_names is None: named_properties.update( { definition.expression for definition in } ) if properties is not None: named_properties.update(properties) if property_names is not None: for name in property_names: named_properties[ name ] = network.ctx.get_property_definition_by_name(name).expression input_file.write_text( jani.dump_model(network, properties=named_properties), encoding="utf-8" ) output = ( "--jani", "/tmp/momba-jani/input.jani", "--janiproperty", "--engine", self.engine, ), mounts=[ docker.types.Mount("/tmp/momba-jani", directory_name, type="bind") ], ) return {"prop_name"): fractions.Fraction("prop_value")) for match in _result_regex.finditer(output) }
toolset = Toolset() checker_sparse = StormChecker(toolset, engine="sparse") checker_dd = StormChecker(toolset, engine="dd") checker = checker_sparse