Abstract Interface

Abstract Interface

class momba.gym.abstract.Explorer[source]

State space explorer for training decision agents.

abstract property available_actions

A boolean vector indicating which actions are available.

abstract property available_transitions

A sequence of available transitions.

abstract fork()[source]

Forks the explorer with the current state.

abstract property has_terminated

Indicates whether the explorer is in a terminal state.

abstract property num_actions

The number of actions.

abstract property num_features

The number of features of the state vector.

abstract reset()[source]

Resets the explorer to the initial state.

abstract property state_vector

The state vector of the current explorer state.

abstract step(action)[source]

Takes a step with the given action and returns the reward.

Precondition: The explorer must not be in a terminal state.

class momba.gym.abstract.Oracle(*args, **kwargs)[source]

An oracle selects an action based on the state and the available actions.