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# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2020, Maximilian Köhl <>

import dataclasses as d
import typing as t

import fractions
import json
import pathlib
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile

from .. import model
from ..analysis import checkers
from ..jani import dump_model

from .errors import ToolError, ToolTimeoutError

Timeout = t.Optional[t.Union[float, int]]
Command = t.Sequence[t.Union[str, pathlib.Path]]


_USER_HOME = pathlib.Path("~").expanduser()

_is_windows = sys.platform == "win32"
_is_macos = sys.platform == "darwin"

if _is_windows:
    _DATA_PATH = _USER_HOME / "Application Data" / "koehlma" / "Momba"
    _MODEST_PLATFORM = "win"
elif _is_macos:
    _DATA_PATH = _USER_HOME / "Library" / "Application Support" / "Momba"
    _MODEST_PLATFORM = "osx"
    _DATA_PATH = _USER_HOME / ".local" / "share" / "momba"
    _MODEST_PLATFORM = "linux"

_MODEST_PATH = _DATA_PATH / "modest"

if _is_windows:
    _MODEST_EXE = _MODEST_PATH / "Modest" / "modest.exe"
    _MODEST_EXE = _MODEST_PATH / "Modest" / "modest"

    r"""<a href="(?P<file>Modest-Toolset-(?P<version>[v.0-9\-a-z]+?)"""

def _install_locally() -> None:
    import os
    import re
    import stat
    import zipfile

    from urllib import request

    response = request.urlopen(_MODEST_URL)
    if response.status != 200:
        raise Exception(f"unable to download Modest (error {response.status})")
    page ="utf-8")
    for match in re.finditer(_FILE_REGEX, page):
        if match["platform"] != _MODEST_PLATFORM:
        response = request.urlopen(f"{_MODEST_URL}{match['file']}")
        if response.status != 200:
            raise Exception(f"unable to download Modest (error {response.status})")
        with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(prefix="momba") as temp_directory:
            zip_path = pathlib.Path(temp_directory) / ""
            with zipfile.ZipFile(zip_path) as zip_file:
        os.chmod(_MODEST_EXE, os.stat(_MODEST_EXE).st_mode | stat.S_IEXEC)
        raise Exception(f"unable to download Modest for platform {_MODEST_PLATFORM}")

def _setup_locally() -> None:
    if not _MODEST_EXE.exists():

[docs]@d.dataclass(eq=False) class Toolset: """Interface to the Modest Toolset.""" executable: t.Union[str, pathlib.Path] """Path to the executable of the Modest Toolset.""" environment: t.Optional[t.Mapping[str, str]] = None """Environment variables for the execution."""
[docs] def check( self, arguments: t.Iterable[t.Union[str, int, float, pathlib.Path]], *, timeout: Timeout = None, capture_output: bool = True, ) -> t.Mapping[str, t.Any]: """Runs `modest check` with the provided arguments.""" with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(prefix="modest") as directory_name: output_file = pathlib.Path(directory_name) / "output.json" command: Command = ( self.executable, "check", "-O", output_file, "json", *map(str, arguments), ) try: process = command, env=self.environment, timeout=timeout, capture_output=capture_output, ) except subprocess.TimeoutExpired as timeout_error: raise ToolTimeoutError( "timeout expired during execution of `modest check`", command=command, stdout=timeout_error.stdout, stderr=timeout_error.stderr, ) if process.returncode != 0: raise ToolError( f"`modest check` terminated with non-zero returncode {process.returncode}", command=command, stdout=process.stdout, stderr=process.stderr, returncode=process.returncode, ) try: return json.loads(output_file.read_text(encoding="utf-8-sig")) except FileNotFoundError: raise ToolError( "`modest check` did not generate an output file", command=command, stdout=process.stdout, stderr=process.stderr, returncode=0, )
[docs]@d.dataclass(frozen=True, eq=False) class ModestChecker(checkers.Checker): toolset: Toolset @property def description(self) -> str: return "Modest (mcsta)"
[docs] def check( self, network: model.Network, *, properties: t.Optional[checkers.Properties] = None, property_names: t.Optional[t.Iterable[str]] = None, ) -> checkers.Result: with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(prefix="modest") as directory_name: input_file = pathlib.Path(directory_name) / "input.jani" named_properties: t.Dict[str, model.Expression] = {} if properties is None and property_names is None: named_properties.update( { definition.expression for definition in } ) if properties is not None: named_properties.update(properties) if property_names is not None: for name in property_names: named_properties[ name ] = network.ctx.get_property_definition_by_name(name).expression input_file.write_text( dump_model(network, properties=named_properties), encoding="utf-8" ) result = self.toolset.check((input_file,)) return { dataset["property"]: fractions.Fraction(dataset["value"]) for dataset in result["data"] if "property" in dataset }
toolset = Toolset("modest") checker = ModestChecker(toolset)
[docs]def get_checker(*, accept_license: bool) -> checkers.Checker: """Returns an instance of :class:`~momba.analysis.Checker`.""" assert accept_license, "you need to accept the license of the Modest Toolset" _setup_locally() toolset = Toolset(_MODEST_EXE) return ModestChecker(toolset)