Source code for momba.model.networks

# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2019-2021, Saarland University
# Copyright (C) 2019-2021, Maximilian Köhl <>

from __future__ import annotations

import dataclasses as d
import typing as t

from . import errors, types
from .actions import ActionPattern
from .automata import Instance
from .expressions import Expression

    from . import context

[docs]class Network: """ Represents an automaton network. Attributes ---------- ctx: The :class:`Context` associated with the network. name: The optional name of the network. """ ctx: context.Context name: t.Optional[str] _initial_restriction: t.Optional[Expression] _instances: t.List[Instance] _links: t.List[Link] def __init__(self, ctx: context.Context, *, name: t.Optional[str] = None) -> None: self.ctx = ctx = name self._initial_restriction = None self._instances = [] self._links = [] @property def links(self) -> t.List[Link]: """ The set of links of the network. """ return self._links @property def instances(self) -> t.List[Instance]: """ The set of instances of the network. """ return self._instances @property def initial_restriction(self) -> t.Optional[Expression]: """ An optional restriction to be satisfied by initial states. This property can be set *only once* on a network. The expression has to be boolean. Raises :class:`~errors.ModelingError` when set twice or to a non-boolean expression. """ return self._initial_restriction @initial_restriction.setter def initial_restriction(self, initial_restriction: Expression) -> None: if self._initial_restriction is not None: raise errors.ModelingError( "restriction of initial valuations has already been set" ) if self.ctx.global_scope.get_type(initial_restriction) != types.BOOL: raise errors.InvalidTypeError( "restriction of initial valuations must have type `types.BOOL`" ) self._initial_restriction = initial_restriction
[docs] def add_instance(self, instance: Instance) -> None: """ Adds an instance to the network. The instance and network are required to be in the same modeling context. """ assert instance.automaton.ctx is self.ctx if instance not in self._instances: self._instances.append(instance)